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Trisha Jenkins

Fresh Anointing EP

The introduction of the Freshman project Entitled Fresh Anointing by singer/songwriter Trisha Jenkins has been a highly anticipated event. Trisha was blessed with gift of songwriting and arranging many years ago but only now decided to put faith into action to see the project come to fruition. Her melodic & heartfelt lead vocals can be heard atop razor sharp background vocals produced by vocal producer Josiah Ward. The exquisite lyrics, melodies and harmonies were written and arranged by Trisha while the musical arrangements are powerful and superbly executed by producer Aaron Mayfield.


This project offers various flavors of listening that will satisfy the palette of any music lover and makes it challenging to categorize. Ultimately the EP seeks glorify God and his marvelous works.

Check out her music now!

o m w cover_nii.png


O M W - Single

Anija “N i i” Frazier is a young artist enamored ​with Christ and pushing boundaries, making ​her first single, “O M W,” a heartfelt plea for ​her loved ones.


Her airy tone brings much to the ears.

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