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Impresario is a multifaceted music group which ​produces positive audio and visual entertainment; ​appealing to a diverse, international consumer ​group. Impresario has a unique and fresh approach featuring music styles that 

can range from the traditional to modern-day.

Under this umbrella, partners Mirända Cherell and Josiah “J.ward” Ward proudly boast a unique approach; ​the J.ward Sound, found in their artistry as Camp Impresario.

Both Impresario and Camp Impresario ebb and flow with great precision in and outside of the studio and It’s ​all in the family. In harmonious sync, the partners, mother & son, work in concert to bring a fresh new flavor ​to the music scene.

"We gather. We inspire.

We disrupt the norm"

josiah 1_edited.jpg

Josiah is the One to watch.

He is a passionate singer, songwriter and premiere ​vocal producer who is expert at bringing out the best ​in others and producing solid vocal-recording ​performances.

Son of super-producer Asaph A. Ward, Josiah, he is ​joined at the Impresario helm by mother and partner, ​Mirända Cherell. Impresario is poised to take

the music industry to new ambiances through Camp Impresario experiences.

The studio is home to Josiah. There he concocts his musical potions and allows his inner creative workings to ​freely flow. The J.ward Sound is the product of his novel genius.


The Vocal Producer


Mirända Cherell is no stranger to the industry.

Formerly, a founding partner of Miralex Music, Miranda has ​recorded with or composed songs for some of the nation's ​premier gospel artists along with former partner, Asaph ​Alexander Ward. With group, High Praise/HP2, she traveled the ​country sharing the stage with top gospel, country and jazz ​artists. But her heart has always lied in composing. This gift has afforded her opportunities to write

for notables, ​such as Pastor Kim Burrell, Virtue, Benita Jones, Chrystal Rucker, Virtue and many others. This also opened many doors that led to vocal work with iconic gospel artists; Chrystal ​Aikin, Dorinda Clark Cole, Coko, Twinkie Clark, Smokie Norful, The Clark Sisters, Joann Rosario, and even ​demoing movie soundtrack music for Beyonce.

Mirända is on her second go-round in the music industry. This time around, son Josiah “JDream” is bringing his ​new sound into the mix. Together, they are ready to make waves.


Mirända Cherell

Songstress & Writer


It all began with the 8th grade talent show at Lincoln Academy...

Musical Instruments

How it all began

An invitation to a duet performance with a friend, led to the ​beginning of Impresario founder, Mirända Cherell’s journey into ​building groups. She would eventually turn the duo into a group, ​then pull together many assemblages over the years; grouping ​phenomenally extraordinary vocalists who wanted to make ​beautiful music with others. Taking part in some of the ​ensemble groupings, her most notable, and dear group ​experience was with HP²/High Praise (featured on Camp ​Impresario’s latest Christmas EP).


Miranda's knack for crafting “vocal bands” has been paramount to her ​music experience. And now, many years later, her son, ​Josiah|JDREAM, has not only picked up that mantle, but has ​transcended her gift by adding his own brilliant musicality and ​creative vocal stylings to the soloists, dynamic duos, eclectic ​quartets and tiny choirs he brings together in chorus to execute ​his J Dream Compositions under Camp Impresario.

Impresario and its subsidiary, Camp Impresario seeks to express ​the gifts God has given in ways that motivate, engage and ​inspire creative adventures.

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