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So, what's an Impresario?

Audience at a Concert


/ˌimprəˈsärēˌō,ˌimprəˈserəˌō/  noun

a person who organizes and often finances concerts, plays, or operas, performing a role in stage arts that is similar to that of a film or television producer.

Stage in Lights

Impresario | "We gather. We inspire. We disrupt the norm"

It all began with the 8th grade talent show at Lincoln Academy.


An invitation to a duet performance with a friend, led to the beginning of Impresario founder, Mirända Cherell’s journey into building groups. She would eventually turn the duo into a group, then pull together many assemblages over the years; grouping phenomenally extraordinary vocalists who wanted to make beautiful music with others. Taking part in some of the ensemble groupings, her most notable, and dear group experience was with HP²/High Praise (featured on Camp Impresario’s new Christmas EP). 

Her knack for crafting “vocal bands” has been paramount to her music experience. And now, many years later, her son, Josiah|JDREAM, has not only picked up that mantle, but has transcended her gift by adding his own brilliant musicality and creative vocal stylings to the soloists, dynamic duos, eclectic quartets and tiny choirs he brings together in chorus to execute his J Dream Compositions under Camp Impresario.

Impresario and its subsidiary, Camp Impresario seeks to express the gifts God has given in ways that motivate, engage and inspire creative adventures.

How it all began

Impresario | "We gather to inspire disruptions to the norm"

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